Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely

Chocolate Odyssey

Foodscapes and SERES invite you to experience

JANUARY 29 6:30pm

The Posner Center
1031 33rd Street 
DenverCo 80205

For the first time ever, SERES and Foodscapes come together to bring you this unique dining experience that aims to inspire action, discussion and thought.
Come and join us for a sensory journey of cacao that will inspire discussion, action and thought on the issues of food and culture.  
Chef Roger Feely of Soul Cocina will create a multi-course meal using chocolate as the ingredient in focus.  This event at the Posner Center is the launch of the new Soul Cocina project called Foodscapes.

Crispy Cumin Cacao Garbanzo Beans
Red Beet Fritters • Oaxacan Mole • Confetti Squash • Radish Leaf Rice
Dark Chocolate Almond Pot De Creme • Persimmon • Pommegranate
Hand Made Little Take Home Chocolates

About the hosts and their passions...
Foodscapes is a project that explores the journey of ingredients from seed to table. The journey is documented in live space through creative expression at events and within workshops using culinary arts, storytelling, dance, music and theatre. The journey will also be documented in virtual space through creative expression on-line via a web-series using video, photography, poetry, sound and more. We also record snippets of the sounds created on the journey (tractors, train rides, sizzle of oil on the grill, slapping of tortillas against palms...) to use as the sound samples to build the musical score/audio collage.
SERES mission is to create a new generation of future makers, supporting the emergence of local leaders by educating and empowering young people to launch and lead environmentally sound programs. SERES work seeks to create impact by empowering vulnerable communities to address our most critical issues starting with the least likely source: the youth. As the voices of the future who will be left with a legacy of unresolved environmental, social and economic problems, SERES recognizes that engaging with and involving this generation is essential in the development of smart solutions that lead us towards healthy, thriving and sustainable societies.
SERES current focus is on youth and young adults in Guatemala and El Salvador, where there are 15 million people – more than 60% of the population – aged under 30 years of age. Our goal is to harvest this untapped potential and use it to create positive change for good.
Have questions about A Chocolate Odyssey? Contact Soul Cocina

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