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Thanksgiving Pie Tart

Instead of baking a pumpkin pie, sometimes I'll bake sweet potato pie in the fall. This tradition comes from my time in South Carolina. But while at Citizen Cake I designed my own fall favorite. It's not a pie but a tart, but it feels like a pie! I revisited this favorite again this year.
Pomegranate and Persimmon Pie
vanilla scented hachiya persimmon custard topped with fuyu persimmon slices, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate gelee in a brown butter-vanilla tart shell
I made this pie tart tonight for tomorow's Thanksgiving feast with the H.O.G. posse. I am also making something else. The "something else" ingredients are pictured on the left and they will be in the oven on low heat overnight (except for the apple in the bowl with the limes, that's my midnight snack.) And I will add tomatoes and cilantro tomorrow. What's This? ... or rather, what will this become? I'll post the final picture after Thanksgiving.
I give thanks to all the musicians and DJs who have contributed food themed music to Soul Cocina for the Beatwalla Vs. Hunger Mix. I plan to put it together in early 2008 and I am still requesting music with a food theme at to build up the library before I begin. Special thanks so far for participation from Wayne and Wax, Terrakota, DJ Gaetan Fabri, El Chavo, DJ C, Slim Rimografia, The Singleman Affair, and DJ Franko from Discos Unicornio

My food mix is in the works. While you wait, check out my favorite mix of all time over at Fufu Stew. It is a Thanksgiving mix dedicated to turkeys, soul food, grits, chitt'lins, corn bread, and all things funky! It is the fufu stew mix number 8 and it is not to be missed. Get it while it's hot and play this mix on Thanksgiving for your family and friends. I know I will.

Tune: Life's Pie by Don Will, Fresh Daily and Finale with Beats by the mighty Oddisee. The 101 Mixtape by Oddisee is the best Hip Hop has to offer in 2007

Tune: Shoo fly Pie by Dinah Shore
Dinah also put out a few cookbooks.

Tune: The Thanks I Get for Loving You by Candi Stanton

Tune: Give Thanks and Praises by Bob Marley

Tune: Give Thanks by Lee Dada and produced by Echo Sound System

Tune: Thank Ya by Jean Grea from Attack Of The Attacking Things.

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