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Eco Chef Roger Feely

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Tuk Tuk pop Up San Agustín Etla

check back for menu and details on Saturday night!

check back for menu and details on Saturday night!

Vegetarian southeast asian feast

Lab Jay

Ensalada de mango verde

Khao suey

dumplings de guias con salsa de cachuate

Tapioca con Yaka

Soul cocina supper club

Domingo 26 de mayo 4pm - 6pm

San Sebastian Rio Hondo OAXACA


Soul Cocina Events 2018

Soul Amatista November 13

Soul Cocina Pop Up at Lake Atitlan Guatemala

At Nectar, San Marcos La Laguna




SANTO POP UP • Feb 13 • La Victoria, San Francisco

Special tasting menu for the new San Francisco Mission restaurant Santo at la Victoria Mexican Bakery.

Santo Pop Up 

Reserve your seat for A La Carte Menu or special $60 Chefs' Tasting Menu

Tickets available here

Join us for a sneak preview of the Santo Menu

with Chef Roger (Soul Cocina) and Chef Jose (Santo)

on February 13 at La Victoria



Mini Relleno Negro ~10

Morcilla • Chicken Liver Terrine • Chimole Negro • Salt and Chile Cured Quail Egg


Sweet Potato and Puffed Amaranth ~10

Tamarind Pomegranate Glaze • Pineapple Guava • Crispy Garbanzo 



Pescado Zarandeado ~14


Sikil Pak ~8

Pumpkin Seed, Tomato and Habanero Spread • Raw Chayote, Jicama and Radish • Yuca, Parsnip and Plantain Chips



Chile Relleno de Birria de Chivo ~18

Chile Chilaca • 16 Hour SPiced Goat Braise • Chicharron de Queso


Beet and Citrus ~10

Roasted Beets • Citrus Cacao Vinnaigrette • Queso Añejo • Hoja Santa

Can be made VEGAN


Taco Suadero ~12

Hand made tortillas • Grilled Onions • Salsa Soul Cocina


Grilled Trout • Pistachio Pipian (Mole Verde) ~20

Carrot Purree, Carrot Chip, Roasted Carrot

VEGAN Roasted Root Vegetable version



Secretos de las Yerbas

NOVEMBER 2, 2016 AT LA VICTORIA, San francisco

Experience Dia de Los Muertos with a five course meal prepared by Soul Cocina.  Both Omnivore and Vegan options will be paired with elixers, tonics and potions from The Well Oakland.  La Victoria Bakery is a family run Mexican bakery that has been cranking out pan de muertos, conchas and dozens of other traditional Mexican pastries for over 60 years.  For the past 8 years La Victoria has been hosting Soul Cocina dinners where diners have experienced hand made, pre-columbian, Mesoamerican dishes made with local ingredients.  Located on 24th street in the heart of the San Francisco Mission district and at ground zero for the San Francisco Day of the Dead ceremony, celebration and procession, La Victoria is a vibrant neighborhood host.


Reserve your spot  


Soul Cocina Events 2015

Foodscapes 12: Seed-to-plate Wild Foods and Cafe Encuentro December 3 at UCI

Participants are welcome to attend one, two or all three segments of this unique experience.  In an effort to promote communal cooking and dialog around food related issues, we are offering this workshop for the cost of only $10

Reserve your spot here.

We begin our wild food adventure Thursday at 10:30am at the UCI arboretum where Pascal Baudar and Dr Bowler will guide us on a foraging tour in search of wild edibles.

After a lunch break we will reconvene at the ARC Kitchen at 2pm where Mia Wasilevich and Roger Feely will guide us on a hands on cooking experience. 

December 3 Wild Foods Menu:

Pascal’s Wild Spice Blend Demo

Curly Dock Soup  

Socca with Wild Greens and Flowers (nasturtium, nopales, mustard flowers, stinging nettles)

Fried Quail with Wild Spice and Native Pickled Seeds

Pascal’s Forest Infused Tisane

Acorn Black Sage Brownie

*plus one dish created exclusively from food waste and scraps from local food service business

At 5pm we will shift from cooking mode to dinner discussion as Victor Becerra facilitates the group discussion on food waste for Cafe Encuentro. 

We look forward to cooking with you

UCI Festival of Discovery Drought-friendly Cooking Demonstration October 3

This booth is sponsored by UC Irvine's Sustainability Initiative – Making Community-engaged sustainability scholarship part of the curriculum.

Roger Feely is an eco-chef, sustainable food-systems educator, and curator of food-related cultural events. Roger has developed a new FoodScapes: Seed-to-Plate Workshop program at UC Irvine.

At the Festival of Discovery, Chef Roger will be showing participants how to source and prepare drought-friendly meals. Participants can expect a vegetarian-focused cooking demonstration with the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. Chef Roger will explain the origin and story behind the foods that he chooses and will give simple tips for preparing meals at home with local and drought-friendly produce. His approach to cooking is fun, interactive, and enjoyable for the whole family! Participants will have an opportunity to sample the delicious foods prepared during the demonstration. 

Included in the demonstration is a bicycle blender to illustrate ways cooking can be energy and water efficient. Cooking class participants will have the opportunity to power the bicycle blender.

Market 2 Table: A UCI Story-Tasting Event Showcasing the Art of Sustainable Cooking

Using only locally grown and sourced ingredients Roger Feely, a professional Eco-Chef, creates healthy, delicious, and interesting culinary dishes to transport the culinary participants on an exploration of sustainability in cooking conversation. Other professional experts join Roger Feely to provide insights into how sustainable cooking and local ingredients are connected to biological science, environmental science, health, and our local culture.

Through the talk, cooking demos and tastings, Market 2 Table also presents sustainable availability within the UCI community. How might sustainability and cooking with local ingredients fit into your daily lifestyle?

Participants can enjoy amazing culinary dishes, watch cooking demos, and view documentary footage detailing the source of the food they are eating. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in expert discussions and become part of our Market 2 Table media story. Throughout the event, professional Ultra-HD camera crews will capture cooking stories and interviews. These videos will be used as national resources for sustainability education from America’s Coolest School—UCI.

Event partners include UC Global Food Initiative at UCI, UCI sustainability initiative, and the efforts of Global Sustainability Resource Center and the Francisco Ayala Biological Science’s Innovative Strategic Science Education Media Production Team. Undergrads receive tickets for free Eco-Tapas tasting plates, and free tickets will be given to other guests as supplies allow (inexpensively priced tickets will also be available).

Please join us for the most tasteful Illuminations event of the year—coming Spring 2016!

UC Carbon Neutrality and Global Food Initiative Fellows Retreat July 18 - july 20


This training and retreat is offered to the 2014-15 student fellows of the UC President’s Carbon Neutrality (CNI) and Global Food Initiatives (GFI) by staff leaders and visiting scholars from UCI’s Global Sustainability Resource Center (GSRC). The purpose of the two-day training is to increase the skill of the current batch of Fellows in transformational leadership, communication about critical food and climate issues, and select organizing tools; to provide a community-building forum for fellows to reflect more deeply and critically about the global context in which their fellowship projects take place; to provide a space for fellows to engage in dialogue and peer learning to enhance their current carbon neutrality and food sustainability practices and projects; and to formulate collective reflection and input to share during the July 20 symposium at SFSU.

It is expected that participants in this program will:

• Develop sustainability, food, and climate leadership skills• Deepen understanding and improve capacity to articulate the CNI and GFI objectives and the global context in which their fellowship projects take place• Gain clarity about the student engagement role in CNI and GFI, and create shared understanding of how to strengthen it in coming years•  Gain understanding of how to become involved with other student leaders to increase campus and system-wide innovation on climate and food action through existing UC mechanisms• Develop a network and strong sense of community with peers across issue• Deepen understanding of and generate new thinking about further involvement and commitment to these issues at their home campus, with UC, and beyond after the close of their fellowship year.


Time: The training will begin at 2 p.m., Saturday, July 18, and end at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, July 20, allowing fellows to flow into the July 20 afternoon symposium.

Food: One of the integral parts of this program is our Foodscapes experience, provided by our visiting Eco-Chef Roger Feely. Roger’s menu creations focus on sustainability, culture, and traditional seed-to-plate systems thinking, also known as “made from scratch.” Roger’s cooking features global cuisine using local ingredients, and you should expect a diverse, flavorful, healthy, and primarily vegetarian cuisine for the duration of your stay as well as dialogue and inquiry into our food systems and culture that will provide a framework for exploring sustainability in our daily lives.

Venue: The training is a residential experience in an accessible Bay Area location.  We will update this page with venue location as soon as we have confirmed our placement. Participants should expect to share dorm-style rooms with fellow participants.

Cost: Successful applicants will receive complimentary program materials; lodging the nights of Saturday, July 18, and Sunday, July 19; and meals beginning with dinner on Saturday, July 18, and ending with breakfast on Monday, July 20.  Participants are responsible for their own transportation.


This training and retreat is offered to the 2014-15 student fellows of the UC President’s Carbon Neutrality and Global Food Initiatives.  If you qualify, please apply to attend the program via the online application. Please note that space is limited to 20-25 fellows; completing the application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

The application period closes at noon on Thursday, June 25.

Successful applicants will be advised by Saturday, June 27.


MARCH 14  •  7PM  •  FREE


10 youth from Jóvenes Visionarios will be presenting their work at the Spanish Cultural Center (Cooperación Española - AECID) in Antigua on Saturday March 14 at 7pm.  2 young leaders from each of our 5 groups from El Salvador and Guatemala will be representing their teams and exhibiting their work.  The young visionaries have been documenting stories that are relevant to their unique communities in diverse parts of Central America from the fishing village of El Paredón on Guatemala's East Coast to Chuacacay, a Kakchikel village in the highlands of Chimaltenango.  Many of the youth's stories are part of our on going Foodscapes series, where we follow the route of ingredients from seed to table.



A clip from Foodscapes / Jóvenes Visionarios project in Chuacacay, Chimaltenango.