Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely


Using non-conventional forms of creative expression, Foodscapes documents the route of ingredients from seed to table.  We share these stories of agriculture, gastronomy and movement via the sights, sounds and stories along the journey. FoodScapes connects the dots between youth, educators, change makers, local producers, urban and rural communities, indigenous communities and the dwellers of the shiny world, across social, political and economic borders.  Foodscapes works in a cycle of three phases.  Workshops, documentation and events.  Foodscapes youth leaders develop original food themed multimedia works and performance art that highlights issues they care about, identifies solutions, and fosters critical creative skills with a passion to make a difference in their communities.  These workshops bring youth together to explore our relationships with food through cooking, gardening, storytelling, and empowering creative voices which inspire the other two phases of documentation and events.  A centrally themed question of our workshops is “how did our grandparents cultivate, cook and eat different from how we cook, cultivate and eat today?  How would we like our grandchildren to cultivate, cook and eat?”  In the documentation phase, we follow the route of ingredients with cameras, microphones, paintbrushes and whatever tools our communities have access to.  We are interested in highlighting the flow of energy in the supply chain of modern and traditional food systems both locally and globally.  We present these stories in the form of videos, photographs, sound maps, meals and art with purpose.  These stories encourage us to ask where our food comes from and how it arrives on our plate.  In the third phase, events, we create a unique arena to share our stories, live, face to face with our communities.  The events feature a meal created with the ingredients we have followed.  The meal tells a story and is presented in tandem with presentations of our multimedia and live performed stories.  This innovative series of programs and workshops differs from the traditional approach by incorporating culture, tradition, sustainability and leadership to create a holistic shift in beliefs and habits from a young age, and inviting a fresh vision of food that celebrates rich bio-cultural diversity.

We set out to

• Radically shift our understanding of food and connection to the land from a transactional relationship to an integrated holistic understanding that our food has a tremendous impact on our quality of life and on the well being of the planet.

• Develop food literacy and cultivate an understanding of food from the seed to the plate

• Promote a native food industry that incorporates traditional ingredients into modern cuisine, and builds pride in the cultural food system amongst the younger generations

• Explore the concepts of food sovereignty and sustainability

• Understand and start to cultivate a safe, sustainable and environmentally sound food system

• Build culinary and agricultural skills while having an opportunity for physical activity, social interaction and community development

• Demonstrate how cooking and eating choices affect the land, society and public health.

• Consider how food systems have changed and how the system continues to change.

• Learn more about where our food comes from and how it gets to our plate.

• Become encouraged to make healthy choices for humans and the environment by choosing real, home cooked food over processed, packaged food and shifting customs and eating habits away from fast-food/junk food.

Through the sharing of these stories, Foodscapes invites exploration into additional dialogue and investigation of topics that are often mistakenly considered to be black and white issues: sustainable agriculture and food systems, native ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, food security, indigenous traditions vs modern technology,, child labor, fair trade...

We invite you to join us on this journey by volunteering time or donating funds or equipment.