Soul Cocina

Eco Chef Roger Feely



"In all his classes, Feely charmingly mixes hands-on instructions with interesting stories from his rich experience as a culinary instructor in Goa, India. He also shares a lot of cool cooking tips, from roasting whole coconuts to making homemade paneer, as well as tips on where he shops for spices and ingredients."  (Jun Belen SFWeekly)

Choose from one of the existing Soul Cocina menus or create a personalized experience with Chef Roger Feely.  Private cooking classes in your own home start at $500 per couple.  Group rates available.  Contact for availability and more details.  The chef works in California, Portland, Chicago and New Orlans and is available for travel to other cites.


Roger has focused a great part of his culinary career towards working with young people.  The chef has lead many after school cooking programs with teenagers and has also worked with the San Francisco Unified School District to develop culinary programs for pre-teens.  As culinary directer of a head-start program in the Sunnydale neighborhood of San Francisco, Roger has even baked bread and cooked tortillas with toddlers.  With an underlying theme being that real, hand made food is better than processed and packaged food, Roger has inspired many youth to get into the kitchen.  The chef is often available to host youth cooking programs at schools, private homes and event spaces.  As a life long student of the culinary arts, Roger always looks forward to learning from the youth.